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Guru Gita

The Song of the Guru

verses from Skanda Purana


“Contemplating one’s Guru is like contemplating one’s own body.

Contemplating the infinity of existence is like contemplating Shiva.

The image of the Guru is the root of meditation.

The feet of the Guru are the root of worship.

The words of the Guru are the root of mantras.

The compassion of the Guru is the root of liberation.

By reciting the Guru Gita one attains infinite fruits.

All sins are nullified and all afflictions are destroyed.

It takes away the fear of time and death and destroys all adversity.”


Transliteration and Translation from Sanskrit into English by Haidakhandi Samaj, India

Translation from English, Edition, Graphics and Computergraphics

by Kalavati Maria Cristina Chiulli

Illustrations from traditional Indian iconography


Digital Edition e-book

ISBN 9788886340410

© Copyright J. Amba Edizioni


Paperbook available here:


Guru Gita, The Song of the Guru

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  • Paperbook available here


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