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Words of Guru Gorakhnath


Secrets of Guru Gorakhnath

in verses recited by

Shri Hairakhan Babaji to Shri Sardar Kamalo

(Shri Shastriji Vishnu Datt Misra)


Transcribed in ancient Hindi by Shri Shastriji

Transliteration and translation from Hindi into English by Gora Devi

Photos by Jai Datt Gianbarberis, Janki Rani Lisetta Carmi and VV. AA.

Proof reading, graphics, computergraphics by Kalavati Maria Cristina Chiulli

Illustration on cover: "Endless Beginning" by Jai Datt Gianbarberis


in Nepal, the holy land of Guru Gorakhnath Maharaji. Through Shri Babaji's grace, the teachings were then passed on to Shri Sardar Kamalo (Shri Shastriji).

Shri Gorakh revealed to Kamalo one great secret that, like a mantra, is the essence of innumerable teachings.

By His grace, Shri Gorakhnath Maharaji reveals Himself from time to time in order to benefit people. This time suddenly He decided to reveal His divine teachings to seven Rishis present with Him. That day, at seven in the morning in His room, He gave His divine message to the Rishis, who were waiting in ecstasy. The Rishis were astonished when they heard His words, which fulfilled their lives.


Gorakhnath, considered, like Babaji, an incarnation of Lord Shiva,is one of the Nine Naths, the Immortal Masters who, like Babaji, can take a physical body in one form or another at any time.


Shri Babaji used the language spoken by sadhus and saints all over India and Nepal, a poetic form of the ancient Hindi. The teachings have been given in form of verses with rhymes. The transliteration in Roman alphabet has been published to allow Western readers to learn their sound, because, as Shri Babaji stresses, by the mere listening to these teachings liberation is gained.


Shastriji Vishnu Datt Misra, Kamalo, a renowed ayurvedic physician, has been a great scholar, he studied Sanskrit and ancient texts, and wrote several books. He wrote some essays about Babaji and the poem Hairakhandi Sapta Shati, (book with CD by J. Amba Ed.). Shastriji followed Shri Babaji since his first public appearances in 1970 and made possible for many people to understand his teachings.


Digital Edition

e-book ISBN 978-88-86340-40-3

© Copyright J. Amba Ed.


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Gorakhvani, The Secrets of Guru Gorakhnath

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