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Datta Baavani

52 verses in praise of Guru Dattatreya


Datta means one who is given away. Lord Vishnu gave himself to Atri Rhu’shi as his son. So he was called Datta and since he was born in the Atri’s family, he was called Datta-Aatreya, Dattaatreya.

Baavan means fifty-two. The composition of fifty-two lines is Baavanii and as it is written in the praise of Lord Dattatreya, it is called Datta-Baavanii. Datta-Baavanii is the most popular literary gem of Gujarati literature in poetic form. It is a gift and blessing to the entire mankind given by Bhagwan Rang Avadhuut Guru Maharaj. Datta-Bavaanii is an extremely powerful stotra, or a devotional prayer, that relieves one’s mental and physical ailments or illness, liberates one from all miseries, sorrow and agonies. It also protects, saves and cures from the bad effects of evil spirits and witchcraft. It helps to solve all kinds of worldly problems. It generates fearlessness and self-confidence. It can also liberate one from the cycle of birth and death. If recited regularly as a daily ritual, one can enjoy radiant health, abundant prosperity and eternal tranquillity.

Datta Baavanii

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