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Aarati to Babaji Mahavatar

Flames of Divine Love


Text and lyrics by Shri Mahendra Baba


The Aarati, or Offering of Light, in the Tantric tradition is a daily practice of meditation, interface between man and God. Babaji

Mahavatar, incarnation of Shiva, is the Divine Light here adored to fulfil all desires and dispel the darkness of ignorance of the Self.

The whole Aarati is a powerful exercise of Pranayama, that purifies totally the chakras and the aura of the singer.


Transliteration from Sanskrit and Hindi, English


Original Edition © Copyright Hairakhandi Samaj, India

1a Italian Edition © Copyright 1998 J. Amba Ed.

2a Italian Edition © Copyright 2003 J. Amba Ed.


Digital Edition e-book

ISBN 9788886340472

© CopyrightJ. Amba Edizioni

Aarati to Babaji Mahavatar

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